CEFU Attorney Neil MacCallum Participates in Cooley Law School’s 2012 Professionalism Advisory Committee


As a member of Cooley Law School’s Professionalism Advisory Committee, CEFU attorney Neil MacCallum participated in the committee’s inaugural meeting on July 13, 2012. Neil was joined by many notable metro area attorneys and judges. Dennis Archer, former Mayor of Detroit and Supreme Court justice, served as the keynote speaker. Fellow committee members included Appellate, Circuit and District Court Judges, past presidents of the State Bar of Michigan, University and law school Presidents as well as attorneys from across Michigan and several other states. Members broke into groups where they brainstormed ideas for furthering the legal profession, topics included: (1) Community Leadership and Lawyer Reputation, (2) Unprofessional Conduct by Lawyers, (3) Public service/Pro Bono, (4) Professional Identity and Character and Fitness, (5) Impact of the Pace of Change and The New Generation, and (6) Educational Quality, Access and Diversity.

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