Noreen Slank discusses “settle-and-sue” malpractice cases — and how to prevent them — in Michigan Lawyers Weekly


Collins Einhorn attorney Noreen Slank discusses “settle-and-sue” legal malpractice claims in the latest edition of Michigan Lawyers Weekly. These claims arise when a client voluntarily settles a lawsuit and then sues his or her lawyer, arguing that the settlement was inadequate. In her interview with Michigan Lawyers Weekly’s Traci Gentilozzi, Noreen provided insights on practices lawyers can use to minimize exposure to these lawsuits:

  • If possible, place the settlement on the record.
  • Communicate with your client — and document those communications.
  • Use engagement letters to define the scope of representation.
  • Explain settlement releases carefully.
  • Examine insurance coverage.
  • Explain to your client what will happen after settlement.

The full article is available here (subscription required).

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