Joslin and Juarez-Lundberg Article in the Summer 2012 Issue of Michigan Medical Law Report


Richard Joslin and Tanya Juarez-Lundberg’s article on “”Keeping Track of Malpractice”” appeared in the Summer 2012 Issue of Michigan Medical Law Report. The article addresses the question frequently posed by practitioners regarding the impact settlement will have on them.

As discussed in the article, payments of money made as a result of a written complaint or demand based on the practitioner’s alleged malpractice must be reported to the National Practitioner Data Bank. By law, each entity (health care facility, hospital, insurance company, etc.) that makes a payment in settlement of or in satisfaction of a claim or judgement against a practitioner (including physicians, dentists and other practitioners if they are licensed or otherwise authorized by the state to provide health care services), must report the payment to the databank.

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