The history of us.

Travel with us as we share our firm's storied history, relayed through the lens of the late Morton H. Collins, founder of Collins Einhorn Farrell PC.

Morton H. Collins
Our founder, Mort Collins, graduated from Wayne State Law School
After a series of associations with other lawyers, Mort moved to Southfield and founded his first solo firm located in the American Savings Building on 10 Mile. It was there that he began establishing his insurance defense practice.
As the business grew, Mort found additional attorney support. While defending a case, Mort was impressed by the opposing counsel, Brian Einhorn. After the lawsuit was resolved, Mort invited Brian to join him in practice (with the hope that he could afford to pay him).
Mort and Brian hired their first secretary and paralegal, Jan Fuhrman. We are proud to say that Jan spent her entire career with the firm and retired in 2020.
Collins Einhorn began making a name for itself in the realm of auto defense and subrogation. At that time, Mort also had a number of plaintiff personal-injury cases, including what was considered, at that time to be the largest wrongful-death verdict in Oakland County.
Mort and Brian welcomed Clay Farrell on board. Collins Einhorn Farrell began to increase its auto business significantly and also started to receive professional-liability cases.
The firm's asbestos practice began to accelerate rapidly, and Clay Farrell took over the management of that practice. Mort often said that no one predicted that this niche would ultimately turn into a powerhouse practice area for the firm.
Collins Einhorn Farrell expanded to our present location at the Southfield Town Center.
In 1980, the firm's largest client sold its casualty business. Collins Einhorn Farrell pressed on, diligently working for our existing clients. Soon after, no-fault law brought a whole new dynamic to the firm.
In the mid-'90s, we developed a business litigation practice with many prestigious clients. CEF grew from the technical dark ages to utilizing the most sophisticated legal technology available; this allowed us to handle document-intensive matters as well as cases requiring marshaling of personnel for discovery purposes.
Neil MacCallum and Mike Sullivan became the firm's co-managing shareholders, diligently leading the firm for ten years. Mike and Neil ushered in a new generation of attorneys, providing leadership that propelled the firm to where it is today. During this time, Mike also served as the Oakland County Bar president.
Brian Einhorn served as the 79th president of the State Bar of Michigan. This prestigious position involved leading an organization of over 43,000 members in their efforts to improve the administration of justice, promote the legal profession, and build public understanding of our legal system.
The firm ushered in its third generation of firm leadership. Dan Collins and Theresa Asoklis took the helm, becoming the firm's co-managing shareholders. Together they continued to build on the firm's long track record of success and exceptional client service.
At the firm’s inception in the early 1970s, Mort Collins, Brian Einhorn, and Clay Farrell had no idea that, fifty years later, their three-attorney law firm would boast seven practice groups supporting 120 employees. CEF recently celebrated fifty years of legal excellence with a gala at the Daxton Hotel in Birmingham, Michigan. Over 150 past and present employees and guests gathered to acknowledge Collins Einhorn Farrell PC’s rich history and to toast its bright future.
Collins Einhorn’s half-century commitment to competitive legal excellence continues as the firm announces Kellie L. Howard as Chief Executive Officer and Donald D. Campbell as President. Kellie’s election marks a historical moment, as she is the first and youngest minority CEO of a large, non-minority owned law firm in Michigan.
Since moving to our Town Center location, the firm has expanded five times. Initially in a 2,500 square foot space, we now occupy approximately 30,000 square feet, covering the 9th and 10th floor entirely.
From the inception of the firm, the wellbeing of our staff has always been a priority. Fostering a culture of mutual respect has resulted in extremely low employee turnover. Over time our staff has grown to over 120 team members that focus on personal injury defense, professional liability, appellate, insurance coverage, and asbestos.
We are proud to have retained many of the clients who initially formed our client base. The firm has handled many high profile cases that have solidified our tradition of excellence, translating into exceptional results for our clients.
No history would be complete without noting that in our 50-year history, we have endeavored to employ top-notch personnel in all positions. The firm prides itself on preserving a management style that maximizes our collective talents.
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