Asbestos, Talc, & Mass Torts

A tradition

of excellence.

Asbestos, Talc, & Mass Torts

Collins Einhorn Farrell PC has defended clients’ interests in asbestos bodily-injury cases since the first asbestos matter was filed in Michigan in December 1975. In the many decades since that first case, Collins Einhorn has established itself as a leader in the field of asbestos defense, defending hundreds of clients in Michigan and throughout the country.

The attorneys on our Asbestos, Talc, & Mass Tort Team have a proven track record of successfully and efficiently representing clients in all stages of the litigation.

Collins Einhorn attorneys have been a part of the Wayne County Steering Committee since the committee was established, allowing us to work closely with the presiding judge and the plaintiffs’ bar. This collaboration has led to increased efficiencies and decreased transactional costs.

We have for decades maintained the role of defense liaison counsel, which has allowed for the establishment of a uniform and orderly procedure to be in place throughout Michigan. Our team also serves as National Coordinating Counsel for numerous clients in asbestos litigation, which includes the management of thousands of cases across the United States.

The practice has expanded to include the defense of clients’ interests in industrial and cosmetic talc cases.

Our attorneys have developed an extensive network of contacts throughout the country, enabling our team to stay abreast of new developments, trends, and scientific analyses that affect mass tort claims.

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