Attorneys Joslin and Collier Obtain Summary Disposition for Law Firm


Attorneys Richard A. Joslin and Trent B. Collier Obtain Summary Disposition for Law Firm – In the case of Reese v Attorney, the plaintiff’s decedent was involved in an automobile accident and retained the defendant law firm to represent her. Because the decedent did not have a primary care physician, the firm provided her with the name of a clinic that would evaluate and treat her. After several weeks of treatment, plaintiff reported that she was no better and as such the firm provided her with the name of a pain management physician. During an epidural injection performed by the pain management doctor, the decedent’s spinal cord was injured which lead to paralysis and her death a few weeks after the injection. In addition to suing the doctor for medical malpractice (the malpractice case was settled) plaintiff sued the law firm and others claiming that the law firm participated in a conspiracy to send accident clients to these specific providers for unnecessary treatment. After lengthy discovery involving over twenty depositions, the trial court granted the law firm summary disposition finding that there was no evidence of a conspiracy or any other actionable malpractice.

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