Attorney Matthew S. LaBeau Obtains Dismissal of a No-Fault Claim with Catastrophic Injuries


Attorney Matthew S. LaBeau recently successfully defended an insurance carrier in a no-fault claim involving catastrophic injuries.  The plaintiff was riding a motorcycle on the Mackinac Bridge during a holiday parade.  An accident occurred 10 minutes earlier at the other end of the bridge, where a motorcycle went into the lane of oncoming traffic and struck a motor vehicle.  The accident caused traffic on the bridge to back up.  As plaintiff drove over a hill on the bridge, she was unable to stop due to the back up and struck the motorcycle in front of her.  The plaintiff was ejected and suffered significant injuries.  Plaintiff’s attorney argued that the accident at the other end of the bridge caused plaintiff’s accident.  Therefore, plaintiff argued that her motorcycle accident involved a motor vehicle, entitling her to no-fault benefits.  Matt and his team argued that the events were separate and distinct based on controlling case law.  Therefore, plaintiff’s accident did not involve a motor vehicle and plaintiff was not entitled to no-fault benefits.  Matt was able to persuade Judge Muriel Hughes in Wayne County that the case should be dismissed in its entirety.  Plaintiff was seeking over $300,000 in no-fault benefits.

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