Einhorn Wins Motion for Summary Judgment in Legal Malpractice Case


CEFU attorney, Brian D. Einhorn, recently won a summary judgment motion in a legal malpractice case, in the Tuscola County Circuit Court.

Plaintiff alleged that Brian’s client (an attorney) gave her the wrong advice when she was serving as conservator of an estate, resulting in $650,000 verdict against her. Brian argued that his client’s representation had ended long ago—and further, that the plaintiff knew her conduct was being questioned more than 2 years before she filed suit against Brian’s client. Plaintiff argued that she did not know she had made any mistakes until the probate court found that she had. The Tuscola County Circuit Court granted Brian’s motion, indicating that the statute of limitations expired before Plaintiff’s suit was initiated. Brian filed his motion for summary judgment as his first pleading in the case.

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