New Report Available: Asbestos Claims and Litigation – 2013 and 2014 New Case Filing Summary and Analysis


The ALRA Group (Asbestos Liability Risk Analysis Group), of which CEF attorney Clayton F. Farrell is a founding member, has recently released their latest report Asbestos Claims and Litigation — Update and Review: 2013 and 2014 New Case Filing Summary and Analysis.

This comprehensive report is based on the original report issued in a 2006, which reviewed and analyzed American asbestos litigation from its inception, with an emphasis of the science, medicine, and government regulatory issues which underlay the litigation, also tracing the development of the litigation, including significant development, defendant strategies, and company bankruptcies, ending with an analysis of the trend in cases through 2005.

This latest report is the ninth issue in a series of such reports, and provides a compilation of new case filing data in jurisdictions where ALRA group members are active in representing defendants in litigation. It contains new case information from selected jurisdictions around the country for 2013-2014, together with the group’s proprietary analysis of the trends now seen in the numbers, types and locations of new case filings over the past nine years. These data continue to be important because the projection of future asbestos-related disease, most importantly, malignant mesothelioma, and, increasingly, lung cancer, is uncertain.

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