Attorneys Matthew S. LaBeau and Lindsey Peck Obtain Summary Disposition in High Exposure Negligence Case


Attorneys Matthew S. LaBeau and Lindsey A. Peck obtained summary disposition in a negligence claim where plaintiff sustained life altering catastrophic injuries.  Their clients, an automobile manufacturer and distributor, were accused of not properly securing a parking lot where new vehicles were stored before shipment.  A former employee cut a hole in the fence surrounding the lot, and through knowledge gained from his prior employment, knew the vehicles were kept unlocked with keys inside.  The former employee over the course of several days stole five vehicles.  When the former employee was driving one of the stolen vehicles, he struck the plaintiff at a high rate of speed while the plaintiff was crossing the street.  As a result of the incident, plaintiff sustained multiple fractures and a severe traumatic brain injury.  Matt and Lindsey aggressively sought summary disposition early on in the case.  The Court found that their clients did not owe a legal duty to the plaintiff, dismissing the case.

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