Recent victories for Collins Einhorn’s appellate attorneys


Collins Einhorn’s appellate department has had a number of significant victories in the past week.

Noreen Slank and Geoff Brown obtained an opinion from the Michigan Court of Appeals that reversed a $1.2m judgment and remanded for entry of summary disposition in the client’s favor.

Noreen also secured a win in favor of an attorney-client in a “frivolous” filing sanctions dispute in the Michigan Court of Appeals, as well as a Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmance of dismissal in a case against attorneys and accountants arising out of services they provided as co-trustees.

Deborah Hebert obtained an order from the Michigan Supreme Court that peremptorily reversed the opinion of the Court of Appeals in a medical malpractice case that challenged a plaintiff’s expert’s testimony.

Trent Collier, Donald Campbell, and Michael Cook obtained a writ of superintending control from the Michigan Supreme Court in an attorney discipline case. The Court held that the Attorney Discipline Board violated a “clear legal duty” and abused its discretion when it failed to dismiss portions of the Attorney Grievance Commission’s complaint premised on a Michigan statute that is unconstitutional under federal law.

Appellate victories don’t always come in groups like this, but these cases represent the kind of results we fight for every day on behalf of our clients.

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