Attorneys Kari Melkonian and Laura Alton obtained a verdict of no cause of action based on a unanimous jury verdict


In a negligence case against a high-end hotel, the plaintiff asserted claims of bodily and emotional injuries arising out of contact with soiled towels in her room. At trial, the plaintiff argued alternative theories as to how the hotel failed to clean the room prior to check-in and/or didn’t follow proper housekeeping and laundry protocols.

The hotel argued, among other things, that plaintiff and her family members had exclusive possession and control of the room where the offending towels were found, as well as the towels themselves. There was no causal connection between any alleged negligence of the hotel and the plaintiff’s injuries.

The case was tried before Judge Sheila Gibson in the Wayne County Circuit Court.

In a unanimous verdict, the jury found that the hotel was not negligent.

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