July 11, 2017

Court Grants Motion for Summary Disposition in St. Clair County Circuit Court in Premises Liability/Third-Party Criminal Acts Claim

Attorneys Kari L. Melkonian and Jonathan B. Koch won summary disposition in favor of a hotel in a premises liability action arising out of an assault on a visitor at the premises. The plaintiff-visitor was assaulted by a hotel guest and sued the hotel under a premises liability theory that it had a duty to act in response to an allegedly reported threat. The Court dismissed plaintiff’s claims finding that there is no duty to anticipate or prevent the criminal acts of third-parties and that the hotel had no notice of any potential threat and therefore no duty to act.

Attorneys Howard-Goudy and Cook obtain summary disposition on behalf of public school district

Attorneys Kellie L. Howard-Goudy and Michael J. Cook obtained summary disposition on behalf of a public school district and the school itself, cutting off a multimillion dollar liability exposure. The plaintiff, arguing the case in Wayne County Circuit Court, asserted negligence and gross negligence claims based on a paralyzing injury he suffered during football practice. He claimed that the operation of the school football team was negligent and unauthorized. Howard-Goudy and Cook asserted and the Court agreed that the school district, which was an “educational authority” instead of a typical school district, was entitled to governmental immunity.

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